Getting Started

Welcome to :  I have wanted to get my work up on a web site for years and I finally made the plunge. One of my concerns has been having people find me because it is difficult for most folks to pronounce let alone spell my name.  I usually write Wesh-Lee on the board so my students can learn how to say it.  It has been spelled Weshley, Weschle,  Waeschley, and pronounced too many ways to remember.  It was changed from Weschle with an umlaut over the first e when my grandfather emigrated to the US in the 20's from Germany. Now I am up and running.  If you are reading this thank you for looking.

Please enjoy and contact me (click on the info tab) if you want information about purchasing work.  The tree landscapes are inspired from my direct experiences trekking through the woods of the northwest. I work on wood panels with oil paint and drawing media with tree limbs I collect from the forest behind my home in Olympia. All the photography and figurative drawings and paintings are available as originals and prints from me directly and will be available soon from a print and frame on demand basis from a linked print service. 

Cheers,  Scott